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Chapter Three: Red Haired Shanks

 Red Haired Shanks by KayLeeTheDreamer

The next morning (Name) felt something was wrong, when she opened her eyes and saw that she was no longer in her home, panic began to set in.

“Ace, Sabo, Luffy” she called sitting up and looking around for her children who were all asleep around the room, seeing that they were still asleep the woman let out a sigh of relief. Carefully making her way to where the door was, placing a shaky (skin tone) hand on the door knob and slowly twisting the handle to open the door. Praying that she would be able to get out with her sons and make it back home safe and sound. As the door swung open and (Name) took a step outside she noticed that they were miles away from the city, nothing surrounded the worn down cabin apart from countryside and a small bridge. Looking around there was no way for her to get a call out, or figure out the correct way back to the city.

I like a cheech-a-cheech-chee-roni
Like they make at home
Or a healthy fish with the big backbone
I'm Abraham DeLacy
Giuseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley, the alley cat!


In her dazed state (Name) didn’t notice the man who was balancing on the ledge of the bridge with a broad grin on his face. Humming to himself as he kept his balance while walking across the barrier. As he kept going on his way, his eyes fell onto a pretty (hair colour) woman standing in the clearing looking around her surroundings tentatively. Before he could open his mouth to say anything a gust of wind sent his straw hat off his head and down to the woman, who when she picked up the hat and looked around for its owner met her eyes. Making his way to the tree by the edge of the bridge and climbing onto the flowered branch, pausing for a second he repeatedly tapped the end of the branch so petals fell over the female on the ground. Once he was convinced that there was enough petals and flowers covering her, he slid down the trunk of the tree until he landed on the ground.


I've got that wanderlust
Gotta walk the scene
Gotta kick up highway dust
Feel the grass that's green
Gotta strut them city streets
Showin' off my eclat, yeah
Tellin' my friends of the social elite
Or some cute cat I happen to meet

That I'm Abraham DeLacy
Giuseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley, the alley cat!

“I do believe you have my hat Miss” he said once he was standing in front of her, cautiously handing him the straw hat that she caught earlier. Once he placed his hand back onto his head, he reached out and lifted her hand so he could press his lips onto the back. “Thank you. Can I get your name miss?”

“I’m (Name), and you sir?”

“Shanks, has anyone told you (Name) that your eyes are like (gemstones) shining so bright. They make the morning radiant and so light”

“That’s very poetic, but it’s not quite Shakespeare”

“Course not, that’s pure Shanks, baby. Right off the cuff. I got a million of them.” The (Last Name) heiress may have been sheltered but even she knew when someone was flirting with her, and Shanks was not the most subtle about it.

“Oh no more, please. I am really in a great deal of trouble.”

“Trouble? Helping beautiful dames … damsels in distress is my speciality. Now what’s the hang up your ladyship?”

“It is most important that I return to (City), if you be so kind and tell me the way.”

“Tell you the way? Perish the thought. We shall fly on a magic carpet with the stars as our guide, just the two.”

“That would be awesome” Luffy popped up between the two, causing Shanks to look down in shock at the young boy.  

“Three?” In comes Sabo trying to reign in his brother “Four?” Cue Ace running up to the other two and grabbing them by the cuff of their collars “Five?”

“Oh yes, these are my children”

“How sweet?” Though the red heads statement came out more like a question.

“Are we really going to ride on a magic carpet ride?” Luffy looked so pumped that it would be hard to

“You said we were going to ride on a magic carpet.” Ace smirked, challenging the adult in front of him.

“Well you see … what I uh, meant was … uh” Shanks couldn’t think out the correct words to say, not to three young kids and the pretty dame.

“No poetry to cover the situation Mr. Shanks?” though her tone was teasing (Name) knew that he wasn’t going to help her when he realised she had children, especially if he realised that she was still feeling the effects of her illness.

“What I had in mind was a kind of sports model baby. You know, one of those …”

“Perhaps a magic carpet? Built for two? I understand perfectly Mr. Shanks. Come along darlings.” Pushing her children along (Name) knew that they needed to find a way back home and fast, if she had another one of her episodes while alone with the boys … she couldn’t leave them lost and alone, she needed to get them home as fast as possible.

I'm king of the highway
Prince of the boulevard
Duke of the avant garde
The world is my backyard
So if you're goin' my way
That's the road you wanna seek
Calcutta to Rome or
Home-sweet-home in Paris
Magnifique, you all

“Now, that’s quite a family.” Shanks spoke to himself as he watched the family wander down the road. “Come to think of it Shanks, you’re a rat. Hey hold up there.”

“Yes?” (Name) turned around so that she was facing the man, who knelt in front of her sons.

“Now kids, if I said magic carpet ride, then magic carpet it’s gonna be.” Standing up he drew a cross on the dirt road “And its gonna stop for passengers right here. “

“Oh were gonna fly after all” the three cheered as they looked at the red haired like he hung the moon.

“Another part of the fantasy Mr. Shanks?” the heiress asked, not sure what angle he was playing.

“No, no, no, baby. You just hide over there and leave everything to me. One magic carpet coming up.”

“Come on mum” Grabbing her arm and tugging her into the shrubbery as an old van came down the road. They watched in fascination as Shanks jumped out in front of the car, causing it to come to a screeching halt, and running back into the bushes, the driver jumping out of the van shouting words that (Name) hoped that her sons would not pick up in this lifetime. While the man shouted, Shanks appeared behind the truck and helped the four into the back of it,

“All right, step lively. All aboard” he smirked, as he assisted the (hair coloured) woman into the back.

“You could have lost your life” (Name) whispered quietly so that her sons didn’t hear her.

“Hasn’t killed me yet”

“How can we ever thank you?”

“My pleasure entirely.” As he waved goodbye to them once the van started to move again, Luffy stood close the edge and when the engine spluttered and the van hit a bump in the road he feel right out of the back.

I only got myself
And this big old world
But I sip that cup of life
With my fingers curled
I don't worry what road to take
I don't have to think of that
Whatever I take is the road I make
It's the road of life make no mistake, for me

“Luffy!” (Name) shouted, as she was about to follow her son Shanks grabbed him and ran to catch up with the van, which fortunately was still gathering speed. Jumping into the back of the van the two males were crumpled into a heap. “Luffy are you alright?”

“I’m ok” he muttered weakly, before his mothers attention when to the man who would now be joining them on their journey.

“Have we met before?” the red haired male questioned slightly deliriously as he stared into (eye colour) eyes, reaching out to cup her cheek in his hand.

“And I’m so very glad that we did” (Name) answered with a smile as she placed her hand over his.


Yeah, Abraham DeLacy
Giuseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley, the alley cat!
That's right
And I'm very proud of that

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New chapter is up, hope you like it. Just a note, the van in this story is the old style one like in the movie
susan-shining-star Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
(squeals) best day ever!
IheartJack0023 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017
Yessss! Another great chapter!

Luffy as Marie is the beeeest because Marie admires O'Malley so much throughout the whole movie. OMG. Fricking fantastic.

Oh, Shanks, real smooth.
KayLeeTheDreamer Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017
That was my thinking as well, that and Marie is the one who keeps getting into trouble (just like Luffy does.)

I'm glad you are enjoying the series
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