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Sting (Emotions) by KayLeeTheDreamer

Chapter Four: Temporary Fantasy


White: purity, innocence, equality, simplicity, futuristic, balance - Air.



The relationship between Sting Eucliffe and (Full Name) was in the beginning stages of starting again, in the long run they both knee that deep down their guild's would get in the way of the new found happiness they were experiencing. The night in the infirmary that they had shared together had reminded the dragonslayer of the promise he had made to the colour-Mage years ago, a promise he vowed that he would continue to uphold.


>> Day. 3 of Grand Magic Games >>


Porlyusica had kept (Name) and Wendy in the infirmary for the second day, allowing them out on the third day of the tournament, on the condition that they did not do anything overly strenuous [both females were lying through their teeth, if they were called up to fight in a match neither were going to hold back].




Sting knew that this was a risky idea, he knew that if he was caught alone with the smaller female and having a positive interaction with her while watching the games that were going on in the arena.

"Anna's going to be pissed" (Name) commented as she watched the match between Laxus and Alexei.

"Anna?" Sting questioned, as he saw the (hair colour) girl clenching her fists until her knuckle's turned white every time that a hit landed against the lightening dragon slayer.

"His girlfriend, been together for a while now that I think about it"

"Huh. You sure that he is one of Fairy Tail's strongest?"

"I've seen him fight at full strength, I know that he is" (Name) responded as she switched from clenching her fists to wrapping her hand around the blonde teenager's "I'd be dead if he didn't save me"

Tightening his hold on the female's hand, the dragon slayer began to understand that this would not be the easiest friendship -hopefully becoming more in the future - to maintain, the rivalry between guilds would not go away and the protectiveness that her guild felt for her. (Name) would be better off with someone else, a thought that nearly broke Sting's heart. Ignoring the feeling that was bubbling up inside of him, the blonde continued to keep the smaller girl company for the duration of the day. For a few moments he was able to pretend that things were able to go back to the way they were before.






"You seen (Nickname)?" Laxus asked his girlfriend as she wrapped a bandage around his arm, ignoring the weak glare that Anna was giving him.

"She wanted to spend some time watching on her own"


“She probably feels embarrassed about her match with Jura and being out of commission for so long” Anna responded as she tied the bandage up before her boyfriend pulled her down and placed a kiss on her lips. “Don’t distract me”

“Relax, let her deal with everything that’s happened. Probably nerves”

“I’m sure you’re right”

“Don’t sound so surprised” Laxus smirked, as he kept his arms around his girlfriend’s waist and keep her close to him. While she kept her arms around the blonde, Anna bit her lip as a precaution to stop her from telling her boyfriend who (Name) had really spent the majority of the Games with.



When Sting headed back into the hotel that evening, having spent a good portion of the day with the pretty (hair colour) mage, his blood ran cold when he saw who was waiting for him. 
"Milady, what are you doing here?" the dragon slayer questioned his guild's strongest member, knowing that the look on her face was hiding malicious intent behind her smile. 
"Just came to talk to you about your friendliness with a pathetic fairy" Minerva calmly responded to the blonde's question, watching how her teammate's fist clenched at the mere mention of their opponent. "You really should be careful, you don't know what might happen should the wrong person stumble across the two of you"
'Someone like you' Sting thought, as he bit his cheek to stop himself from saying something that could get him killed, he may be one of the stronger members in the guild but he couldn't hold a candle to  the dark haired woman in front of him. It was not just his own life that he feared for, if  Minerva ever went up against (Name) in the next match, the wound's the young female received against Jura could be considered minor. 
As she watched Sting head towards his room, Minerva knew that she had to act quickly if she wanted Sabertooth to remain number one in Fiore. (Full Name) was a talented mage, her battle against Jura had given people more insight into the pretty (hair colour) girl's strength, her main liability in a battle being she was a pacifist at heart, no matter how strong her magic was if she lacked the will to harm another her chances of winning a fight plummeted. What worried Minerva though was that she had not used her full strength in that battle, had she done that and the match may have had a completely different outcome. 
Six Years Prior
"Are you alright down there?" a childish voice called down to a heavily injured Minerva "Do you need any help?"
"I'm fine" Minerva snapped as she attempted to stand up only to fall back to the ground, her father had attempted to train her to be even stronger while being in an even fouler mood than normal today. No matter what she did she was not reaching a standard that her father approved of.
"You don't look fine" 
"What do you want? I don't have anything"
"I don't want anything" the voice spoke from right behind her, causing the dark haired teenager to spin around (an awkward feat. considering she was still sprawled on the ground) and face a petite (hair colour) girl who was younger than her sitting on the rocks nearby. When her gaze met Minerva's she jumped off of the rock and walked towards the injured girl, her hand held out so that when she placed a hand over the other girl's injury the reaction was a visible flinch away from the contact. "I'm not going to hurt you"

“How do I know that?”

“Relax. Let me heal those wounds” (Name) smiled as her hands glowed pink, the wounds on the dark haired teen starting to heal on their own, “who hurt you?”

“Training” the blue eyed girl responded, not taking her eyes of the areas on her body that had previously been covered in cuts and bruises which were now completely healed.

“Is that better?”

“Thank you” Minerva whispered as she looked straight into the innocent (eye colour) eyes, ones that looked like they hadn’t seen any form of harm or fear. A look that somehow made her want to keep the smaller female safe from danger. 

New Chapter is up >< Hope you enjoy it

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silver-rwby Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016
Excited for the new chapter :D I'm really sorry for advertising here, but I wrote a Sting x Reader and I was wondering if you'd maybe like to check it out? Thank you! <3
KagesInsanity Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This has been awesome, I can't wait for more :3
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