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Sting (Emotions) by KayLeeTheDreamer

Chapter One: 

Pink - Friendship, Love, Compassion, Femininity - Healing/Protection 

Sitting on the hill while she waited for her companion to show up, the young child continued to trace the detailing on her gloves. 
"You're early" the boy's voice caught her attention, snapping the girl's gaze up to meet a pair of blue eyes. 
"You're just late Sting" 
"I am not (Name)" the blonde stuck his tongue out at his friend, as he poked her cheek, causing a smile to grace the younger girl's face "I tried not to be, I swear. I just ..."
"Got into another fight" (Name) finished, knowing that her best friend was strong with a bit of a temper. Raising her hand up to the side of his face where a particularly nasty gash was, before a faint pink glow emitted around her hand and the injury started to heal "You really should be more careful, please?"
"We can't all be like you"
"Like me?"
"A pacifier, no a paci- pacifirst, a pacifist, that's it we can't all be pacifists (Petname)"
"I don't like fighting, I never have. I don't think I ever will"
"Then I'll become strong enough to protect you" Sting beamed down at the smaller girl, as he slipped a bracelet onto the girls wrist - a bracelet that had to be wrapped around her wrist twice so that it stayed on - before tightly holding her hands in his, a faint blush going over his cheeks as his blue eyes bore into her (eye colour) ones "that way you don't ever have to fight again"
When (Name) didn't respond to what he had said, Sting thought that she was upset at him. What the dragon slayer hadn't expected, was the girl he one day decided would be his mate standing on tip toes and pressing a quick kiss to his cheek, 
"Thank you Sting"


"Sting-kun are you thinking of her again?" Lector asked the now older dragon-slayer as he and the rest of the Sabertooth team waited for there turn to enter the arena at the Grand Magic Games. The silence the exceed received, was answer enough for the question he asked. Ever since the (hair colour) pacifist had left Sting's life he had changed, and she had become the one thing he rarely spoke about.
"Let's go Sting" Rouge said, as it became time for them to make their appearance, as they got farther into the arena, the blonde smelt a scent he thought he had long forgotten 
"It's not possible" he whispered, until his eyes focused on the person that had plagued his mind for years. For him it felt like the whole world stood still, the sounds of the crowd and commentators faded as he saw her standing next to Mira-Jane Strauss, Fairy Tail's She-Devil. 

At first he thought it was his senses playing tricks on him, but he knew that it was her from the way she held herself, to the distant look in her (eye colour) orbs or the way she fiddled with her gloves, to the tell tale sign of the bracelet he had tied on her wrist all those years ago. As he stared at her he noticed the one thing that made him bite the inside of his cheek in anger. 

The (favourite colour) Fairy Tail emblem on her left shoulder blade. 

(Full Name) just became his enemy for the duration of the tournament. 

After all the Tiger's needed to crush the Fairy's 

New Story is up

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail, or the image


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Sting you mad bro? Lol nice story author chan!
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